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when you're not here, time stands still [entries|friends|calendar]
allison ♥

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April 9th, at 5:42pm]
okay so me and kristen and mom were in the kitchen eating
and kris was eating birthday cake ice cream smushed on a
cracker. my mom tried it and she liked it so her and kris
were like 'try it! try it!'. i didn't want any.. they kept
offering and were like begging me to try it. i did not want
any at all tho. so my mom like holds me down and tells kris
to put it in my mouth and i was like 'NONO!' and trying to
get away from mom bc she was like holding me down. and then
i was on the ground and mom was like on top of me and kris
SHOVES the cracker and ice cream in my mouth and im laughing
at the time so i like cannot breath at like all because the
stupid cracker is like down my throat. so i spit it out all
over the place. hahah. but yeah. it funnyyyyy. now i'm all
sticky and ew.

last night me and mom and kris spent the night at justin and
marys because we were housesitting. that was fun. then today
we left and went to the park! ah i have pics. and I FINALLY
GOT MY SPRING BREAK PICS DEVELOPED! i love them! i might try
to scan them later and put them on here or something. but yea
we went to the fresh market and then came home and ate and
that little incident happened. fun stuff. im dreading going
back to school. but at least we only have like 1 month left
of school days! very exciting. can't wait for summer. hope
that yall had a good weekend~! see ya laterrrr
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April 7th, at 10:40pm]

my wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to
your dreams stay big, your worries stay small
you never need to carry more than you can hold
and while youre out there getting where your getting to
i hope you know somebody loves you
and want the same things too
yeah, this is my wish


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April 4th, at 3:16pm]
livejournal is so boring now.
love you guys. hope yall had a good day!

March 26th, at 8:21pm]
the beach was awesome. i couldn't have asked for a better spring break =)
it was a bunch of fun. every night we went out to eat. jakes, hooters, gulf shores
steamers, lamberts, etc. we would go down the strip yelling at all the people. :)
it was a bunch of fun and it was a great break from everything here at home.
kristen and i have spent the whole spring break together//♥. lol it has
been very fun. learned a bunch on the trip with the three of us together.
definitely made some unforgettable memories, lol<3

i have some pictures but i dont feel like putting them on here right now so
i'll update tomorrow with them. i canNOT wait until summer. it made me miss
summer so bad at gulf shores. :( but hopefully it'll be here before i know it.

today, me and my family and kristen all went to my grandparents. me and kris went
walking in their neighborhood and i ran into some old pleasant grove friends and caught
up on some stuff. it was cool. i like seeing old friends. :)

but im going to go now.
keep lauren sandlin in your prayers please.
iloveyou lucy. ♥
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March 16th, at 7:18pm]
so tomorrow, me and kris and mom are leaving for
GULF SHORES! i could not be more excited. i've
missed the beach so much!

hope everyone has a great spring break=)
i'll update again weds. when we get back!

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March 14th, at 5:52pm]

so i went to marks birthday party with kris 
and her family monday night. it was awesome.
seth was there. we talked to him like the 
whole time. it was fun. happy late birthday, mark!
i'm like psyched for spring break!
lolcan it take any longer!? i mean, geez!
i am very content! =) ©

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March 12th, at 2:14pm]
so my spring break will consist of going to gulf shores with kris and momma!

can you say FUN!?
i'm very very excited! ♥♥

so this weekend was a lotta fun.
dusti and kristen spent the night friday night. 
saturday we soaped up my trampoline bc it was
like summer outside! jumped like all day.
today- church and may go see a movie later, ♥

i love youuu

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March 3rd, at 8:25pm]

thank you, God.
thank you, God, for this life that you have given me,
for my friends and family//♥, & for loving me no
matter what. i love you.
    allison says ut oh because exams are next week.
but she's happy that life is going grande at the moment.
                          hip hip hooray.           
                                  bye guys. ;)
                           have a great weekend!

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February 21st, at 5:20pm]

these pictures are from the pageant and are kinda late, but here they are for those of you who weren't there. shame on you. 
me and kristenpageanttop14yeahman012.jpg

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February 19th, at 9:53pm]

in her shoes

i carry your heart;
i carry it in my heart.

i got you, babe.

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February 11th, at 4:38pm]
omg, it was just like snowing really hard! it was unbelievable!
i hope it does that tonight. ;) love you guyss ♥
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February 8th, at 8:02pm]
well, the pagent went well.
i got in the top 14, so i guess that's good.
there was a bunch of competition this year.
but i had a lot of fun and i'm definitely
going to start doing pageants more. :)

school is going good; friends are awesome.
i'm very content at this moment. american idol
tonight was good. im definitely going for the
blonde long haired southern girl. she can freakin

valentines day is coming up. ha. no valentine :(
i'm sure i'll find somebodyy. ;]

but i'm going to go update pictures on my ipod.
& the five people you meet in heaven is an awesome book.
go read it.

but im going to go tan so ttyl. ♥buhbye
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January 21st, at 8:44pm]
so i'm watching miss america & alabama is definitely in the top 5!
how exciting. i'll update later. ♥
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January 19th, at 4:46pm]

                                  you know what i really hate?
                  when people judge others before they get to know them...
                   i am not a bad person & for those who don't know what in
                   the heck i'm talking about, this doesn't go to you. they
                   know who they are and what they have done. i just really
                    wish that they weren't so stupid and think that they
                    can just say crap and actually get away with it. hah!

                                            yeah right..


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January 18th, at 9:28pm]


i'm such a loserface


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January 8th, at 5:15pm]

i'm at kristen's. this weekend has been really fun! friday, i went home, then kris called me and told me that i could spend the night, so i get my stuff together and go home with them. then, we went to golden corral with cindy and darryl and ate. thennn, we went bowling! haha, & of course, i got in last like 2 of the 3 games we played. but then the 3rd game we played, in came in like 2nd, so yeah. lol, i suck at bowling. then, we went to sonic and krystals then we went back to kristen's house. we watched 40yr old virgin. then went to bed. umm i've been over here since friday. it's been so fun. yeah.. um besides that little incident. lol kris. ♥. this weekend i've been the most hyper loud person that i think i've ever been. haha. i've laughed SO much. i dunno what's going on tonight. but school's tomorrow. blahblahblah.. ehh. okay bye
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January 4th, at 12:01am]
tonight was fun.

went to the movies with kristen and haley and the family and saw the ringer. that movie is so good.
haha. its funny. now, me and kristen are are here at my house. i finally got my ipod working! thank goodness. i was about to shoot it. but um i have a ton of pictures to put on here. mom's dead asleep on my bed, so i guesss we can't really go to bed. but who would want to anyway, right?! haha. i hate that we have to go back to stinkin' old school thursday. but whatev. only 2 days, then it's the weekend! lol but i've had a GREAT winter break! :) love ♥
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January 2nd, at 7:19pm]



you never looked so good as you did last night, underneath those city lightsCollapse )

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December 31st, at 9:30pm]
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2005 was definitely the best, thanks to all of my friends!
i love ya'll! ♥

& AS FOR 2006
i'm going to not freak out over the smallest stuff;
i'm going to take a risk every day;
i'm going to make more friends;
i'm going to make better grades [all A's];
i'm going to not gossip.

the end!

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December 28th, at 12:16pm]
okay so tonight kristen is totally spending the night and i couldn't be more excited :)

this morning, me and dad went to columbiana to try and get my permit, and we were there for like 2 hours when the lady comes out there and says 'i'm sorry, but our computers aren't working right now. ya'll are going to have to come back at 1'. gr. i could have killed that lady. i don't see why they can't just take more than 1 freakin' person! they have like 3 desks in there to take the tests, so why don't they use them?! whatevvv. lol crazy crazy

but me and my dad are about to leave to go BACK to the place in columbiana to try and get my permit again. ill see ya
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